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Amazon's First Brick-and-Mortar Grocery Store Will Have No Lines or Checkouts!

Because the future is finally here, Amazon has opened their first brick-and-mortar grocery store but theirs stands out because it promises no lines because they have no checkout lanes.

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You have to get your weekly groceries no matter how much you want to put it off. And if you have young children in tow or a million other things to do, standing in line waiting to pay for your food feels like a serious, painful waste of time. Depending on which day of the week you go -- looking at you Saturday -- the lineups can be the longest part of your whole shop.


Well, Amazon's first brick-and-mortar store will have no lines...yes, zero checkout lines because they agree it's the worst.


Yahoo! News reports Inc. will open a grocery store (called Amazon Go) in Seattle. Instead of lines or checkout counters, there will be sensors that detect the items you have picked off the shelves. You will then get sent a bill to your Amazon account. Um, genius?!


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The move is a smart one not only for consumers, but it can be a cost-saving method for the store, too.


"The checkout lines are always the most inefficient parts of the store experience," Neil Saunders, managing director of retail research firm Conlumino told Yahoo! News. "Not only would you save a lot on labor costs, you actually would make the process much quicker for consumers and much more satisfying."


According to the Wall Street Journal, if this test store is successful, the company is planning to open more than 2,000 additional grocery stores offering the same no-checkout experience and other services like curbside grocery pick up.


Amazon Go is available now for employees of the company and the 1,800-square-foot store is expected to be open for the public early next year. We've got our fingers crossed that grocery store lines will soon be a nuisance of the past!


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