Can't decide which masterpiece to hang on your wall? Now you can display them all!
framed-art-1216.jpg (skyword:372625)

Should you hang a classic Van Gogh in your home or a modern abstract piece? Or maybe a stunning nature photograph? Now, you don't have to choose between them. The new EO2 frame from Electric Objects lets you display thousands of different pieces of art when you sign up for its subscription-based service.

The newly upgraded framed art comes in a variety of finishes, from black aluminum to walnut, and features a 1080 pixel high-definition display. It also includes an ambient light sensor that adjusts the display to match the mood of the room.

As for the artwork, the EO2 comes with free access to community-uploaded pieces -- there are more than 30,000 to choose from! Additionally, you can purchase access to the "Art Club" for $9.99 a month and use its curated collection of fine art.

Thanks to this cool new service, art may soon be as accessible as music!


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