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Have You Tried Martha's Favorite Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Combo Yet?

It's the ultimate winter comfort food!

When the temperature starts dropping, there’s one pairing we find ourselves coming back to again and again: Martha’s grilled cheese and tomato soup. It’s warm, filling, perfectly balanced, easy to make, kid- and adult-friendly -- the list of positive attributes goes on and on! Plus there are so many delicious ways to eat this cold-weather comfort food. Whether you dunk the sandwich in the soup, scatter grilled-cheese chunks over the soup like croutons, or eat the soup with a spoon alongside the sandwich, you can’t go wrong!


We like ladling the soup into mugs so that it’s easy to sip and serving the sandwich with pickles or cornichons to cut the richness of the cheese. Sometimes the simplest dishes can be surprisingly difficult to execute, but not when you’ve got Martha’s tried-and-true recipes! Check out her no-fail grilled cheese and tomato soup below.

Classic Grilled Cheese
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