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Niagara Falls' Breathtaking New Lights are Just in Time for the Holidays

Two words: jaw dropping.


Niagara Falls, looking all kinds of beautiful during a cold night

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As if it wasn't enough that Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful must-see attractions in the country, now you have one more reason to pay a visit to this natural wonder.


If you have already been there at night, you know that at sunset the Falls were lit in the colors of the rainbow with the help of halogen technology. But as of yesterday, Niagara Falls got a pretty high tech makeover worth $4 million.


The new LED lighting is not only more energy-efficient (which is something we can all get behind), but the custom colors will be much brighter and more robust, according to officials. Niagara Falls were actually first lit more than 150 years ago with non-electric lights (electricity was first used almost 20 years later). In 1899 an Illumination Tower was built where all of the lights are now located. It's just one of many spectacular sights to see for the Winter Festival of Lights. (Weekend roadtrip, anyone?)


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