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Painted-Fabric Gift Wrap

It's like two presents in one! A painted scarf on the outside and a surprise on the inside.

MS crafts fabric wrap

Photography: Andrew Ingalls

Source: Martha Stewart


Here, we used gift boxes, but this embellished scarf wrapping idea can be used for gifts in all shapes and sizes. To recreate the winter motif pictured above, follow our tutorial on How to Make Paper Snowflakes with Downloadable Templates.


For more pretty packaging techniques and how-tos, browse our Gift-Wrapping Ideas.


  1. Cut out several snowflakes from paper using scissors or your favorite punch. Lay your scarf over kraft paper and arrange the paper snowflakes around the scarf to the desired pattern.
    MS crafts fabric wrap
  2. Combine one part fabric medium and two parts Lovebird satin paint in a spray bottle; spray the paint mixture all over the scarf and snowflakes to create a snowflake design.
    MS crafts fabric wrap
  3. Remove snowflakes to reveal their negatives. Dip a brush in Wedding Cake satin paint, and splatter paint all-over the scarf by hitting the brush handle against another handle in a cross form. Let paint dry completely and follow curing instructions from fabric medium packaging before wrapping your gift!
    MS crafts fabric wrap

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