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Here's Why You're Seeing Trees Bundled up in Scarves this Winter

It's happening all across the country — and for a worthy cause.

Scarf tied around a tree trunk
Photography by: Vast Photography

The holiday season is a time of joy and happiness but that doesn't mean we have to forget about the people who are less fortunate. Quite the opposite. And if you happen to have seen scarves tied around trees, know that it's for the best reason — to care for the homeless. 


Different community groups and churches (even individuals) are now doing the same as a way to offer their support, and provide some much needed warmth, to those who need it the most. Some people also leave a note with the scarves encouraging people to take them and use it in now that temperatures are dropping. A group of women in North Carolina spent a cold morning fastening 40 scraves around trees in Shelby with a note attached to each of them that says, "If you are down on your luck and find this gift in a tree, know that it is given with love and completely free." And in Minnesota, another group of people attached more than 1,000 scarves in 21 different parks, according to CBS.


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You don't have to belong to a particular group to join in on spreading the holiday cheer! If you'd like to donate more than scarves, go to to find out how you can help those in need this holiday season.


And if you want, upcycle a hand-me-down sweater to create a pair of cozy mittens: