Himalayan salt lamps have grown in popularity for their health benefits as well as gorgeous look, but do they actually work?
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Over the past few months, we've heard a lot about the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps. From local shops to big box stores around the United States, everybody has been touting their amazing health benefits. Which are what exactly?

Himalayan salt lamps are made from large rock crystals usually mined in India and Pakistan, near the Himalayans. These large salt rocks are carved into lamps that can be lit with a candle or light bulb and come in a variety of orange to pink to brown shades, according to DrWeil.com. There is no question that they're beautiful and can be a great decorating focal point for any room, but their health benefits are up for debate.

The culprit? "Elecrosmog," caused by electromagnetic fields given off by various tech devices like cordless phones, baby alarms, cell phones and towers. For years we have worried that they affect our health in negative ways and cause illness.

Wellness Mama reports, Himalayan salt lamps give of natural negative ion generators which help to reduce "electrosmog" caused by the various electronic devices around us. These lamps are said to help increase indoor air quality, decrease symptoms related to Seasonal Affective Disorder from both their ability to generate negative ions and the soothing light these lamps can give off.

Negative ions, according to WebMD, also increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin. That's right, they control your mood and make you happier.

The medical site goes on to say that negative ions can be found in "abundance" in certain environments including waterfalls, mountains and beaches, which is probably why so many people flock to these areas!

So, when people want some of the "magic" of these environments in their own homes, they're turning to Himalayan salt lamps. But, the truth? They're likely not enough to negate all the electronics we are surrounded by on a daily basis. Worth a shot though?

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