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Forget Feathers: This Buckwheat Pillow Has the Internet Buzzing

People are calling this pillow filled with buckwheat hulls magical.

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Hullo Pillow

Finding the perfect pillow is no easy feat. Some are too soft, while others are too hard or too squishy. However, the right pillow is key to getting a good night's sleep and preventing aches and pains. Enter the mighty buckwheat pillow.


People are obsessing over the Hullo Pillow, which is filled with organic buckwheat hulls. The little shells are malleable, so the pillow will conform to your head, and breathable, so the pillow won't get uncomfortably warm.


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Hullo Pillow

Accordingtothe company, "a buckwheat pillow's malleable quality supports the space beneath your neck, keeping your spine straight and allowing your neck and back muscles to completely relax." As such, many people find that using this type of pillow reduces their back and neck pain.


Don'tjust take their word for it, though. Reviewers tout the pillow as "amazing," "the best pillow ever," and even "filled with magic."


Would you try it?


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