Melt hearts with a handmade gift that's pretty and practical: a set of powder-room soaps that mimics a box of petit fours.
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handmade soaps

Glycerin soap is an effective method of soap making. This project uses goat's milk glycerin soap for a hydrating, creamy cleanser. We packed the soap in clear boxes with brushed copper lids ($8 each, for a luxe feel that makes for the perfect gift.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

We whipped them up using glycerin and goat's-milk soap-making kits (according to the instructions on the package), glycerin soap color, and flexible silicone molds. (Optional: Dress up the pale bars with pink sea salt and the orange ones with exfoliating dry oatmeal.)

Step 2

Once the bars were ready to be released from the forms (which takes only about an hour), we stacked them in cupcake wrappers and packed three sets in a clear gold-topped box worthy of the treasures inside.


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