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One-Pan Pasta

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Martha made this recipe from Martha Stewart Living magazine on Cooking School episode 304. This tasty one-pot pasta dinner couldn't be easier to make—all of your ingredients cook in one large-sided skillet.

How to Cook Bulgur

While we love bulgur in a traditional tabbouleh, this high-fiber, quick-cooking grain can do so much more. Try it in our California-Style Veggie Burgers or serve it as a tasty, healthy side dish with dinner tonight.

Crusts and Toppings Galore: Our Best Pizza Recipes

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Ma Halima's Beef Suqaar

This is Minnesota-based home cook Ma Halima's quick version of suqaar, a meat-and-vegetable stir-fry that's popular in her home country of Somalia. Complex flavor is built with spices like cumin and turmeric; a hit of cilantro and lime juice at the end give it a pop of freshness. Serve it as Ma Halima does, with plain rice or pilaf, chopped lettuce, and lemon wedges to squeeze on top. The recipe is featured in the cookbook, In Bibi’s Kitchen by Hawa Hassan with Julia Turshen. 

Is There a Shortage of Canned Pumpkin This Year?

Shoppers across the country are having trouble finding this fall baking staple on shelves.