Kitchen in need of a mini makeover? These projects let you upgrade your space in 48 hours, without biting off more than you can chew!
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While a lot of us tend to focus on upgrading rooms like the bedroom or living room when it comes to quick weekend design projects, giving a little DIY TLC to your kitchen is a great way to combine stylish accents with functional application. With the right projects, you can easily add elements to your kitchen that transform the look of the kitchen while helping make the most of space and keep your kitchen gadgets in mint condition. For easy ideas that you can knock out in no time, try one of these five quick-and-easy kitchen upgrades.

Make a Kitchen Backsplash

It can be easy to overlook your kitchen when it comes to thinking up decorative accents and design ideas for your home. If you find that your kitchen is in need of a serious style makeover, block out some time this Saturday or Sunday to add a colorful backsplash behind countertops. A basic gingham pattern is super simple to create with small tiles in assorted colors, and the colorful project is a quick way to totally transform the look and feel of your kitchen.

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Create a Magnetic Knife Strip

More than just a design element, a knife strip is a pretty functional addition to your kitchen that makes for an ideal way to store your knives. For one thing, propping your knives up on a magnetic knife strip is an easy way to save drawer space or counter space in the kitchen, either of which it's always good to keep open for things that really need them. A knife strip is also an easy way to make sure that your knives stay in tip-top shape, since it maintains their edges a lot better than stuffing them in an overflowing drawer would (go figure).

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Create a Mounted Paper Towel Holder

Paper towel holder crowding up your countertops? Take advantage of wall space and build a mounted holder for your paper towels, instead. A leather holder is not only a practical and easy way to keep your paper towels within reach (without having them compete for space with your toaster, coffee machine, and slow cooker), but it's incredibly stylish, too.

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Create a Chalkboard Pantry

If keeping a shopping list up on your fridge or over by your front door doesn't seem to be helping you remember everything you need on supermarket runs, then it might be time to think bigger. Grabbing some chalkboard paint and turning your whole pantry door into a built-in reminder board is a novel and decorative  way to make sure that your shopping reminders are always hard to miss.

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Organize Cabinets Under the Sink

The space below your kitchen sink is the perfect spot to store all of your household cleaning supplies. But it doesn't take more than a small bit of neglect for the storage spot to start looking a mess. To get things back in order below deck, take the time to get under the sink and really organize all of your supplies. Put things like cleaning sprays, extra sponges, and floor cleaners in a little tray to keep them in place. As for rubber gloves and dish rags, the quick addition of a few grommets and a couple mounted hooks on the inside of your cabinet door make for easy hanging.

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