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5 Ingredients Are All You Need for These Delicious Pasta Dinners

And 30 minutes or less!

brussels sprouts spaghetti
Photography by: Yunhee Kim

Amp Up the Flavor

These easy-to-make dishes are not only bold and comforting, but you can practically count what’s in them on one hand. Each pairs its base --  spaghetti, fusilli, shells -- with an all-star cast of powerhouse ingredients, like bacon and brussels sprouts. In fact the genius of this first satisfying pasta is that it turns a favorite side dish -- caramelized brussels sprouts and bacon -- into the main course.


Get the Spaghetti With Brussels Sprouts and Bacon Recipe
Photography by: Yunhee Kim

Get to Know Boursin

This creamy, herb-and-garlic cheese is in the dairy aisle of pretty much any supermarket. It packs a lot of flavor and melts easily. Here I paired it with butternut squash prepped two ways -- shredded and sauteed, and cubes that are roasted -- for a sumptuous vegetarian pasta. My test kitchen tip is to reserve some pasta water and stir it into your sauce while it’s cooking -- it will make the creamy sauce even silkier.


Get the Butternut-and-Boursin Shells Recipe
Photography by: Yunhee Kim

Go Greek

Pasta isn't only Italian -- everyone loves noodles. This dish uses leftover chicken if you have it, or boneless, skinless breasts and has a Greek accent thanks to the dill and lemon that are this recipe's powerful flavor enhancers. 


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