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6 Creative Ways to Hide Household Eyesores

These 6 creative ideas will help you cover up, camouflage, and conceal some of the most common household eyesores.

Photography by: Johnny Miller

Does the tangle of phone chargers on the kitchen counter drive you mad? Do you regularly wonder why your breaker panel is hung, of all places, in the middle of the hallway? No home is without it’s quirks, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with them.


Hang wall art over the breaker panel.

Cover a conspicuous breaker panel by hanging wall art directly over it. Use hinges or choose a lightweight piece for easy moving when you blow a fuse.

Turn the router into an accent piece.

Conceal a wireless router with the spine of a book and style it as part of a vignette.


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Put your charging station in a drawer.

Charge smart phones, tablets and laptops without cluttering your countertop by outfitting a kitchen drawer with a power strip.


Put laundry supplies in pretty containers.

Give your laundry room a neat, unified appearance by putting jugs and detergents in bigger containers. We particularly like these rolly bins.


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Hide the dog bed.

This under-the-staircase dog "bedroom" is one of the most clever things we've seen in a while. Or, how about a cardboard castle to hide kitty's litter box!


Skirt Your Desk

This is not ideal. But, if the space under your desk is home to an unsightly mess of wires or stacks of files and books, hide it with a table skirt (purchase one ready made or create a customized version yourself. This trick also works for consoles, accent tables, and small bookcases.


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