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Ember, The World’s First Temperature-Adjustable Mug, Has Arrived

It keeps your coffee or tea just how you like it for hours.

Ember temperature control mug

No more cold, stale coffee or tea, not when you have an Ember, the temperature-controlled travel mug that just launched today. Ember’s patented technology lets you choose how hot you want your drink to be and keeps it at that exact temperature for hours. Welcome to the future!


So how does it work? You simply pour coffee or tea into the mug and rotate the dial at the bottom to adjust the temperature. The default temperature is 130 degrees, as Ember’s research showed that most humans prefer their hot beverages between 130 and 140 degrees. The battery lasts for two hours, and each mug comes with a charging coaster. There’s also an app that pairs the mug to your phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to change the temperature remotely, track how much liquid is left in the mug, and create temperature presets for different beverages.


Inventor and serial entrepreneur Clay Alexander spent seven years developing this technology, filing numerous patents along the way. Not only is he hoping Ember helps cut back on the billions of paper cups people burn through every year, but he also wants Ember to do for travel mugs what Beats by Dre did for headphones -- make them cool and desirable. To that end, Ember is following the Beats business model of leveraging influencers. This means a slew of celebrity investors, including Demi Lovato and two out of three Jonas brothers. Ember is also using the same design team as Beats and Apple, which is evident in the clean, sleek design of the mug and even the packaging. And Ember is not stopping there -- Alexander's plan to revolutionize how the world eats and drinks includes a self-heated dinner plate and temperature-controlled baby bottles, which are both still in the works.


An art school graduate and self-described “freak coffee lover,” Alexander meticulously went over every detail of the mug. Ember went through 24 different lid designs before landing on the current 360-degree design, which allows you to drink from any angle. The mug is also waterproof, which anyone who’s ever gotten a smartphone wet knows is a huge plus. Alexander wants Ember to “feel like you’re drinking coffee from your favorite mug at your house.” Despite all the technological bells and whistles, at the end of the day, “Ember is about the experience of drinking that perfect cup of coffee. It’s about locking in that perfect sip.” We’ll drink to that!


The Ember mug is available at and at Starbucks, both online and at 100 stores across the country.