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This 12-Year-Old Boy is Using His Sewing Machine to Make Toys for Sick Children

And you can help him.

Sewing boy

Today's good news comes all the way from down under. Meet Campbell Whittaker.


Bumble, as everyone calls him, will positively restore your faith in humanity. While some kids prefer to play with their peers after school, the 12-year-old boy likes to sew for a charitable cause. "When I was 9, I asked mum and dad if we could buy Christmas presents for kids in hospital. When they told me it would cost too much, I decided to make them," Bumble wrote on his project's Facebook page.


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He vowed to make one present a day and so far, in 2016, he has created 450 gifts that have gone to children in hospitals as well as terror survivals. Bumble uses his own pocket money to buy sewing supplies and fabrics but if you want to help him out, you can pitch in via PayPal and GoFundMe.


Yesterday, he announced that a print and imaging company has surprised him with a new sewing machine and an embroidering machine, which will enable him to make even cooler toys for kids. We asked him: Why does he think it is important to make Christmas presents for kids in hospitals? His answer is sweet and simple: "Because people in hospital feel awful and sad, when they get a bear they forget about what's wrong and they smile because someone gave them something great as a surprise."