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Graduated from Terrariums? 3 Fresh Ways to Decorate with Moss

When it comes to decorating with moss, most peoples' instinct is to stick the plant in a glass terrarium and call it a day. But when you're tired of the usual approach, here are a few tips for creating new ways to decorate with moss!

Moss can be a super easy way to add a bit of character to your home, since it has a naturally "wild" feel and isn't quite your average houseplant. (Plus, it doesn't hurt that the stuff is pretty simple to maintain.) But when you're tired of the same old decorative presentation in your home, try thinking outside of the box –– or, rather, outside of the terrarium –– and get creative with these fresh moss decorating tips. 


Create a Centerpiece


One of the best ways to use moss when you're trying to do something a bit different than the usual is to create a centerpiece. You can grab a bit of cushion moss and use it to create a whimsical replicate of wild moss in its natural setting by adding mushrooms, or you can create something a little more refined by pairing moss with roses to create chic table accents that combine a wild element with one that's a little more delicate. You can even go for a seasonal approach and create something that is in line with the time of year, like an Irish moss centerpiece, where moss is placed in rustic tin buckets and accented with bird ornaments and eggs for an Easter theme.  



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Photography by: Paul Costello

Construct a Garden


Getting creative with moss hardly needs to be an elaborate ordeal. It can be as simple as nixing the glass container and treating your moss a little more like you would any other houseplant, by potting it. Simply grab a large planter (you can use something like a bird bath for outdoor settings, too) and arrange your moss in the container according to your preference, whether that means going for an uncalculated look or taking a more meticulous approach and creating a carefully executed forest "scene." 


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Photography by: Ngoc Minh Ngo

Get Festive


The holidays are always a good time to experiment with new ways to craft with different materials, and moss is definitely no exception. Around Christmas time, for example, you can try using moss to create a decorative cushion moss wreath that will definitely have your door standing out from the crowd during the holiday season. Moss can also be great for crafting one-of-a-kind ornaments for your tree, a project for which reindeer moss is the perfect choice. Meanwhile, for Easter, you can try something new by creating moss "eggs" to accent your dinner table, countertops, or entryway. Whatever the season or whatever the holiday, there are always a ton of cool ways to try to incorporate moss into some festive decorations. 


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