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Dorothy's House From "The Wizard of Oz" Just Landed in Maine

With the help of several designers, a museum in Maine reconstructed Dorothy's wind-swept home from "The Wizard of Oz."

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Wikimedia Commons

Who could ever forget the scene when naive little Dorothy accidentally squashed the Wicked Witch of the East with her tornado-bound house? It's an iconic moment in film, and several designers in Maine are paying homage to the classic "Wizard of Oz" scene by recreating Dorothy's house with scrap construction materials.


The structure, which is on display at the Farnsworth Museum, is a life-sized recreation of Dorothy's quaint home. The exhibit is called "Resisting Entropy: There's No Place Like Home" and was worked on by a group of 15 local artists. They collected wood, metal, glass and shingles from construction sites to use on their haphazard tribute.


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"We spend a week amassing a pile of diverse materials. We ask all the people we know who are working in construction to save anything they'd throw away," designer Jared Cowan explained to Fast Company.


Then, the group took 24 hours and built the structure in a marathon session. Check out the time lapse:



We think Dorothy would approve!


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