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3 Gift-Wrapping Tricks to Give Them Extra Shine

All you need is a dab of gold paint.

gift wrap opener
Photography by: Kate Mathis

For an extra special presentation, we took plain paper, which you can buy in bulk, and made smaller pieces super-pretty with little paint and an unexpected tag or bow.


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splatter detail
Photography by: Kate Mathis

1. Give a Splash of Gold

We thinned acrylic paint with water, then splattered gold dots with a narrow brush.

gift wrap texture
Photography by: Kate Mathis

2. Add Texture

Use gold acrylic paint and a brush to dab dashes or make stripes across the paper.

girft wrap ombre
Photography by: Kate Mathis

3. Use an Ombré Effect

Spray-paint lines across each sheet, or go over some bands again for an ombré effect.


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