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Watch a Guinea Pig Enjoy Her Own Teeny-Tiny Birthday Party

It's so cute to see her reaction!


Good night 🌛💫❤

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Make no mistake: Mieps is a supermodel — and she knows it. You can tell from her innate confidence when she poses during her many photoshoots. She gets into character like a pro — whether she's hosting an outdoor picnic, taking on a new sewing project, or enjoying a little tea party with macarons, Mieps knows how it's done.


Oh, and by the way, did we mention Mieps is a 3-year-old Guinea pig who lives in the Netherlands? 


She joined Instagram at the beginning of last year and she already has more than 27,000 followers. But who can resist her charm and innocent, beady eyes? Her modeling career started when her owner 23-year-old photographer Marloes van Antwerpen started taking photos of her with props she'd make or find at budget stores. Next thing you know, Mieps is an international star with fans across the globe. She even got a birthday celebration fit for her celebrity status.


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And what can you expect at a guinea pig's birthday party, you ask? Think: lots of curled ribbon, a little pennant garland, and teeny-tiny presents wrapped up in even tinier bows! It's precious, pint-sized, and dare we say, perfect!