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A Thanksgiving Menu with Upside-Down Turkey and All the Trimmings

Food editor Laura Rege’s menu has some new favorites this year, and they're keepers.


Since I was small, my family has made the same tried-and-true Martha Stewart turkey recipe for Thanksgiving. We all love it, but this year it's time for a  change. We're switching up our centerpiece and making a different, even better turkey. I know change can be hard, so I am keeping the same traditional sides and desserts that everyone loves. 


Upside-Down Turkey

I developed this recipe, and it’s one of the best turkeys I have ever eaten -- am I allowed to say that?! All the meat is extra-moist and delicious, and the skin is perfectly crisped. And the recipe is super simple -- not at all fussy -- which is rare for something so, so good. I turn the pan drippings into a masala gravy.


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My mom loves this cranberry relish, so we make it every year -- in addition to having canned cranberry sauce on the table. It feels much fresher than your typical relish and brightens up the plate.


Dried-Fruit and Nut Cornbread Dressing is always on our Thanksgiving table. I make the cornbread with all the good things in it, like raisins, cranberries, and pecans, in advance. Then I mix it up with a few other ingredients, bake it, and have the most delicious stuffing with a nod to our Southern location -- Dallas.

Photography by: Chris Court


Twice-Cooked Potato-and-Leek Casserole

This casserole is a great make-ahead way to bring mashed potatoes to the table. I assemble it and then bake it while the turkey rests. The leeks are truly delicious but can be traded out for fried onions to save time.


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For the essential green beans, I go with Dry-Fried Green Beans, which don’t require any oven space. They’re cooked on the stovetop and are quick and easy to prepare.


And there must be brussels! Oranges brighten up a classic combo in this Brussels Sprouts with Oranges and Bacon.

thanksgiving peanut soup and buttermilk rolls
Photography by: Martyn Thompson

Barley-Malt Pull Apart Rolls

My family loves a good yeasted roll, and the barley-malt syrup enhances this flavor.


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I always make a crisp salad with escarole, radishes, and fennel and dress it with this herby vinaigrette.

Photography by: Marcus Nilsson


Pear Cranberry Slab Pie

This pie serves a crowd, so we end up with leftovers, which no one is upset about. It’s a great next-day breakfast or snack, and slices also freeze well.


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Because one pie is not enough, I also serve Brown Butter Apple Pie, which is hands down my favorite apple pie, ever. And this year I’ll be adding a new recipe to the menu, Virginia Peanut Pie. It is my new pecan pie; I’m totally addicted. The cayenne gives it a little kick.