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5 Green Bean Casserole Recipes Everyone Will Love This Thanksgiving

No frozen green beans or canned soup here! Just fresh ingredients five delicious ways.

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Green bean casseroles have been a Thanksgiving staple since the 1950s. Something about the trifecta of tender beans, creamy mushroom sauce, and fried onions continues to capture our imagination (and taste buds!) year after year. While the original recipe called for frozen and canned ingredients, here at Martha Stewart of course we take it to the next level by making every component from scratch. If you’re serving a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, go for our classic recipe -- it's got all the nostalgia but tastes so much better. If you want to take Thanksgiving in a more newfangled direction, try one of our delectable variations. Here are our five favorite ways to make this holiday standby.


1. Quintessential Green Bean Casserole

Fresh green beans, homemade mushroom sauce, and crispy fried shallots -- there’s some kind of alchemy that happens when these three ingredients get together.


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Photography by: Martyna Szczesna

2. Green Bean Casserole with Bacon

If you’re one of those everything-is-better-with-bacon people, this recipe is for you! The smokiness adds another layer of flavor, as do the Dijon, cayenne, and Worcestershire in the mushroom sauce.


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3. Green Beans with Creamy Mushrooms and Shallots

In our healthy take on green bean casserole, rich bechamel sauce is swapped out for tangy Greek yogurt, and the shallots are sauteed instead of fried. The result? A creamy, better-for-you side dish that’s just as satisfying.


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4. Green Bean and Artichoke Casserole

Earthy artichoke hearts and crunchy croutons fill in seamlessly for mushrooms and onions in this riff on green bean casserole. It will work just as well with your Thanksgiving meal, we promise.


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5. Green Bean Casserole with Peppers and Parmesan Breadcrumbs

Red bell pepper adds a welcome pop of color and flavor to this otherwise traditional green bean casserole recipe. A showering of Parmesan breadcrumbs joins fried shallots to make an extra-special crispy topping.


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