There is no denying this 2016 election has been a little heated. But nothing is as hot as these wacky items.
Yuge Welcome Mat

The election hasn't been all bad but these amazing home décor items are arguably the best things to come out of this 2016 election.

Welcome Mat

Show your guests how much you care!

You can have this on your front door for $39.99 from GemGemeree.

Ken Bone Candle

Ken Bone Candle

He was one of the biggest stars to emerge from the 2016 election and now he can have his own place at your mantle where he belongs.

Get one for yourself from TheEternalFlame on Etsy, $11.95

nasty woman bad hombre mugs

Nasty Woman and Bad Hombre Mug Set

Two of the best lines to come out of the 2016 election and you can wake up every morning to them.

Get them for yourself from SouthernMadeMugs on Etsy, $24+

Hillary and Donald Stuff Dolls

PlushMe(TM) Hillary and Donald Pillow Dolls

Don't you wish they were really this cuddly?

Get one for yourself from AtMatSplatMat on Etsy, $12

excuse to drink wine glass

Because Politics, Stemless Wine Glass

...just in case you needed an excuse.

Get one for yourself from BunnyBsBoutique on Etsy, $10

election lawn sign

Lawn Sign

Tell everyone how you really feel.

Get this lawn sign by WhyNotMonogram for $25.

elizabeth warren bernie sanders ornament

Disco Party Ornament

Because Hillary and Donald weren't the only ones who had fun this election!

Deck your tree with this ornament from FullSnowMoon for $10.


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