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The Whisk Wiper is About to Make Baking Cleanup So Much Easier

Never waste time, energy, or egg whites again! Now you can get every last bit of frosting or batter off the whisk


Perhaps you've been too busy licking the whipped cream off the whisk to realize, but until now there has seriously been no efficient way to clean a whisk.
Not before the genius creation that is the Whisk Wiper that is.



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Founded by Matthew Michel, the Whisk Wiper is exactly what it sounds like: a simple kitchen gadget that wipes your balloon whisk after you’ve finished whipping up cream, frosting, or batter. The plastic tool, which comes with it's own whisk, works by sliding onto the spokes of the whisk and wiping any excess batter right off. All you have to do is line the wiper's openings up with the spokes, slip it on before you start whisking, and then slide it off once you're done -- super simple cleanup.


The Whisk Wiper also acts as a bowl scraper and a drip guard. So if wiping your whisks clean wasn’t enough -- honestly, though, it should have been -- then you’ve got multiple functions to look forward to.


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Launched on Kickstarter on October 27, the Whisk Wiper campaign has already (majorly!) exceeded its original funding goal of $10,000. With 27 days left to go in the campaign, the simple kitchen gadget has garnered more than $52,000 from over 1000 backers, and support for the product doesn’t seem to be slowing. Pledge options for Whisk Wiper backers on Kickstarter range from a basic $5 option that earns the backer a thank you card to packages that come with a glass blue Whisk Wiper and an 11-inch whisk and start for $19 (guaranteed delivery before Christmas). 


To show your support for the Whisk Wiper, or to get your one, head to Whisk Wiper’s Kickstarter campaign.