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Mayflower Ship Place Cards

The pilgrims had a long voyage before hosting their first Thanksgiving. Luckily, your guests only need walk to the dinner table for the feast. These paper ships double as both place cards and an easy way to serve dry snacks like popcorn, nuts, and dried fruit.

ship place card

Photography: Andrew Ingalls

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Cardstock in white and orange or yellow
  • Double-stick tape
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Gold marker


  1. Cut a sheet of cardstock to measure 8-inches-by-10-inches, score down the vertical and horizontal centerlines. Then, with the sheet aligned horizontally, score 1 inch inward from both ends. Lastly, using the envelope guide tool, score the diagonal axes within the inner 8-inch square.
  2. Construct the base of the ship, using these folding instructions.
  3. Using the screw punch, punch a hole in the center of the top and bottom edges on a 4-inch-by-4.5-inch piece of white cardstock.
    ship place card
  4. Slide a wood skewer into the holes, slightly bending the cardstock. Snip a tiny opening off the center tip of the ship, and insert the wood skewer to create your sail.

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