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Leaf-Stenciled Charger Plates

Hosting for the holidays? Treat your guests to a sit-down dinner showcasing these shimmery metallic chargers. Each one is stenciled with a leaf motif, but you can apply to the same idea with monograms or other symbols.

fall stencil plate

Photography: Andrew Ingalls

Source: Martha Stewart


  1. Starting with a clean glass plate, tape the stencil to the back of the plate, centering your design. Tape off the surrounding areas to prevent paint going outside the borders.
    fall stencil plate
  2. With a foam pouncer, lightly pounce 2 coats of Yellow Gold over the stencil. (Tip: blot pouncer onto a paper towel before each application). Remove stencil and let paint completely dry.
    fall stencil plate
  3. With a basic brush, apply two coats of Rust over the entire back surface of the plate, covering the stencil design. Let paint dry and follow curing instructions before use.
    fall stencil plate

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