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Indian Corn Poppers

Add an element of surprise to this year's Thanksgiving table — these festive crackers are filled with post-turkey treats, which will be an especially big hit with the kids.

Martha Stewart Crafts fringe corn

Photography: Andrew Ingalls

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Tissue paper in yellow and brown
  • Crepe paper in ivory
  • Double-stick tape
  • Twine
  • Cardboard tubes
  • Optional: confetti, candy, treats, etc. to fill poppers


  1. Cut up to three layers of yellow and brown tissue paper, measuring about 6-inches in length (enough to wrap around the cardboard tube), fringe the bottom ¾-inch, then trim ¾-inch above the fringe line.
    Martha Stewart Crafts fringe corn
  2. Tape down a base of tissue around the cardboard tube, with some excess hanging off each end. Start taping down strips of yellow fringe, layering from the bottom to the top, with a 1-inch overlap. Cut a few squares from the brown fringe tissue and tape onto random sections of the yellow fringe to look like Indian corn.
    Martha Stewart Crafts fringe corn
  3. With a piece of crepe paper about 12-inches-by-14-inches, trim the top and bottom long edges similar to the design on the provided template; this will create your cornhusk.
  4. Wrap the crepe around the fringe tube, allowing a section of the tissue to show (you may need to fold in the edges of the husk). Fill with surprise treat of choice before tying off ends with twine.
    Martha Stewart Crafts fringe corn

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