Go ahead, cut a slice. (Or two, or three...) This paper garland—made to look like slices of apple and pumpkin pie—makes a sweet Thanksgiving decoration.
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pie garland

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

pie garland
Step 1

Using the craft knife, cutting mat and ruler, cut out multiple diamond-shaped pieces of cardstock (see provided template). Fold diamond in half and secure with hot glue to create your triangular pie slice.

pie garland
Step 2

With a strip of cardstock 7" x ¾", score down the length at every ½". Then, accordion fold at the score lines to create your crust.

pie garland
Step 3

Glue the bottom folds of the crust onto the top edge of the pie slice in a slightly rounded shape. Adorn your slice with a "whipped cream" pom-pom!

Step 4

For apple pie slices, repeat steps 1-2. Glue down strips of ½" cardstock in a lattice pattern then trim off the excess. Continue onto glue the crust over your lattice.


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