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Painted Fall Leaf Wreath

Is there anything more glorious than the bright, brilliant colors of fallen leaves? We painted faux leaves in a metallic-based palette — rust, copper, and gold — to give them extra shine. (That means this wreath can be hung year after year.)


leaf wreath

Photography: Andrew Ingalls

Source: Martha Stewart


  1. Paint artificial leaves in the satin and metallic colors of the palette with a basic brush. Each leaf may need 2 coats, let paint dry completely.
    leaf wreath
  2. As a base, paint the top surface of the wreath form in Rust.
    leaf wreath
  3. Pin leaves toward their base onto the wreath form, overlapping the leaves so the pins are hidden. For more coverage, you may go around the form again adding more leaves to the inner and outer edges of the form.
    leaf wreath

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