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How to Make Candied Citrus at Home

You know we're all about homemade, and making candied citrus is a win on so many scores: it tastes better than store-bought, saves money, uses what would otherwise be wasted, makes great gifts, and instantly upgrades cakes, muffins, and other recipes.

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If you've tasted homemade candied citrus, you know -- it tastes so much better than store-bought. Maybe you ate it plain or dipped in chocolate, maybe it was in a homemade fruitcake or added to muffin or pancake batter to take those baked goods to the next level? Another classic way to use candied citrus is as a garnish or decoration on everything from tarts to cocktails.


Look for organic or unsprayed fruit when making candied citrus -- what you are using and eating is the exterior of the fruit. And if you buy citrus for juicing, don't toss out the fruit after squeezing; freeze the peels and candy them when you have time.


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Candied Citrus Peel

An essential ingredient in Martha's mom's stollen recipe, fruitcake, and other baked goods.


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candied lemon slices
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Candied Citrus Slices

Decorating pound cake or layer cake (whether frosted or not); the ultimate garnish for a cupcake; and an unbeatable addition to some sublime cocktails -- those are some of our favorite ways to use slices of candied lemon or orange.


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Watch Sarah Carey make candied citrus peel: