So much has changed over the past few years and now we're more connected with our jobs, friends and strangers on social media that it can be hard to unplug. But, a new device hit the market that is aiming to change all that and give us back our distraction-free time.
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Pause is a new device that has been designed to help busy people find that balance in life that so many of us have lost. Instead of checking Facebook, answering our work emails and fielding text messages from family while we're eating dinner – or trying to remember to turn your sound off -- Pause takes care of all that.

"Pause is a stylish designer box that creates phone-free quality time when it matters most!," the company touts on their website. The box, which can hold up to six phones at a time, blocks all Wi-Fi signals, text messages and incoming calls and allow busy parents, overworked employees and easily distracted teenagers to reconnect.

"With today's hectic lifestyle, parents and children are constantly on the go -- and constantly on their cell phones," the company writes. "This desire for connectivity has seeped into all aspects of our life, including what used to be the 'ultimate' family hour -- dinner time, as well as virtually all social and work gatherings."

Being able to have that space to unplug and not be distracted every time your phone lights up or vibrates can have a positive impact on your mental health.

"Our brains were never designed to be always on and permanently connected with the amount of stimuli that we get [today]," Max Blumberg, a research psychologist from Goldsmiths, University of London, said in an interview. Because we have all this technology, it's hard to turn our brains off and it can have an impact on our health and the relationship of those important people in our lives.

While Pause has come up with this solution, which forces silence and fewer disruptions from our smart phones, they're supporters of however you can find that silence, you should go for it – even if that comes from putting your phone in the cookie jar for a while.

The Pause is available now and can be pre-ordered on Indiegogo at the early bird price of $39. Do you believe real family time is possible?

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