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Tools You Need: The Whisk

Here are the essentials and some specialty whisks you might not have seen before!

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Theses are the three most commonly used kitchen whisks: 

French Whisk (left)

If you’re choosing only one, this all-purpose whisk is your best bet. Though it can be used to whip air into ingredients, its relatively straight and narrow sides make it ideal for emulsifying mayonnaise and vinaigrettes.


Balloon Whisk (middle)

Its bulbous shape and rounded sides allow for better aeration, making it the most efficient whisk for foods that require volume (think egg whites and whipped cream).


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Flat Whisk (right)

Also known as a roux whisk, it’s good for stirring in a shallow vessel, as with pan sauces and gravies. It works well for separating eggs and lifting poached ones from their cooking liquid, too.


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Specialty Whisks 

You may find these whisks useful depending on what you love to cook or bake:



Dough whisk moves easily through thick batters.


Ball whisk is easy to clean.


Spring coil whisk is great for small quantities.



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