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Pack Your Thanksgiving Leftovers with Style -- Here's How!

Send your guests home with good memories -- and more pie.

thanksgiving leftovers box
Photography by: Chelsea McNamara Cavanaugh
To leave them even more thankful (and save your fridge from overstuffing), send guests home with sandwich fixings and a slice of something sweet. All it takes is a few bucks and a little forethought to distribute leftovers with style. Just follow our three tips to transform leftovers into the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner party favor.

Care Packages

Order coated-Kraft-paper to-go boxes in advance.


Easy Fold & Close Box #4 takeout containers, $37 for 40,


The Best Parts

Spoon cranberry sauce and stuffing into small Mason jars.


Ball Quilted Crystal glass Mason jars, 4 ounces, $10 for 12,


Wrap Right

Cordon off moist foods with parchment-lined foil.