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You Have to See This Pac-Man Inspired Cat Complex

It's made with makeshift scratching posts and wall vinyl art.

A PacMan inspired cat housing complex

Creating the purrfect cat complex is no easy feat. Luckily, the creators over at Catastrophic Creations have a genius idea.


Together, Megan and Mike along with their three cats (Heinberg, Lylah, and Ickle) have been able to revolutionize the way cats play and sleep with their various cat complex creations. They have created every type of intricate, whimsical, and modern cat complex you can imagine. Their most famed creation is the Pac-Man inspired cat complex. Starting out, there are vision boards, sketches, and meetings with their design manager before any building of a cat complex can begin. The Pac-Man theme cat complex was conjured up based on the success the company has had with their Mario inspired complex.


Megan, co-Catastrophic creator says about the Pac-Man process, "With the Pac-Man, we were looking for design ideas where we could mix our furniture with a creative wall vinyl to create art on the wall, that cats could also play on. We had some success with our Mario Cat Complex and as avid gamers, we really wanted to continue down this path." She continues to mention, "The Pac-Man complex is our largest design to date and it was a really fun project to work on."


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True, the project's creation sounds like fun it does not mean that there were not any challenges when attempting to make the gaming theme cat house. Megan continues to say that the most challenging part of constructing this particular cat complex was scaling the size of the piece, but with the help of size to scale drawings perfected by her sister, Katie helped to make sure that everything was correctly portioned. Although, intricate wall scales are a favorite, Catastrophic Creations also makes cat bridges, cat feeder, cat shelves, fabric raceways, and more. Every theme from a Roman Cat Fort, a fabric cat maze to an Indiana Jones theme cat bridge is for sale in their shop not-too-mention, in the homes of a few lucky felines.


Making cat fortresses for cat and cat lovers is one major reason why Mike and Megan (and their team) do what they do. However, they also give back to the cat community too. Recently, Catastrophic Creations installed their Roman Cat Fort at a local cat humane society called, Cascade Humane Society in Jackson, Michigan. In addition, they are working on creating eco-friendly cat trees safe for the environment and for cats too. The cat trees will be created from solid steel and wood as well cat-friendly plants will be incorporated into their designs.


With all the cats out there wanting to play and be curious, Catastrophic Creations are quick and curious to continue to build more imaginative cat complexes to come. You can keep up with the company's cat creations on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. (We definitely will.)


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