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Succulent Nail Art: Would You Try This Growing Trend?

It will grow on you — literally.


Mmmm thinkin I might give myself a full set of succy nails

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Our pursuit to lead a life as close to nature as possible may have officially gone a little too far. (Or not?) You be the judge of the latest trend to takeover Instagram and hands alike — succulent nails. And, no, this is not just your basic nail art where you paint the plant on your nail, we are talking real 3-D succulents attached to your nails.


How? Well, Australian artist Roz Borg told The Huffington Post that she uses baby succulents that she glues to an acrylic nail with some Oasis floral adhesive. Once completely dried, Borg attaches it to the real nail.


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The best thing about the whole process though is the fact that, according to Borg, you are not killing or damaging the plant. She says that the Oasis adhesive eventually releases the baby succulent and it can be planted and let grow.


The look is definitely Instagram-worthy. Succulents come in an array of colors and shapes, which easily lends them to be the source of inspiration for terrariums, jewelry, and even crochet projects. And nails? It's just the latest creative idea.


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