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Have You Tried Martha’s All-Time Favorite Onion Rings Yet?

Spoiler alert: the secret ingredients are beer and baking powder.

Photography by: NGOC MINH NGO

You know when you eat something super delicious at a restaurant, and it really sticks with you? For Martha, that something was the beer-battered onion rings at celebrated New York restaurant Balthazar. Inspired by their light, shatteringly crisp texture, she recreated the dish in her own kitchen and even included the recipe in her latest cookbook, “Martha Stewart’s Vegetables.”


Get Martha’s Favorite Onion Rings Recipe


So when our friends at Tasty asked Martha to demonstrate a recipe from the book, guess which one came to mind? The secrets are the beer -- a lager or pilsner gives the batter great flavor, and the bubbles add body -- and baking powder, which, as a leavener, helps to enlarge the bubbles as the onions fry. Martha also suggests using large sweet onions -- she prefers Vidalias -- and finishing the dish with a sprinkling of coarse salt (no ketchup or mayo necessary!).


Watch Martha make this perennial crowd-pleaser: