"It's a wickedly good thing."
Credit: Andrew Eccles

1. Her Halloween costumes are the stuff of dreams. (Glamorous, ghoulish, dark, Halloween-y dreams, that is.) If you can imagine it, she's been it: A Spellbinding Sorceress bedecked in crystals and stars. A Black Widow crawling with spiders. A fluttering Motha. A Ghostly Equestrienne with a midnight steed.

2. Speaking of which, that horse? All part of her ensemble. And this picture was taken in the stable at her farm. (All in the spirit of Halloween.)


3. Her Halloween beauty look is equally bewitching. (We will never stop marveling at her feathery moth-inspired lashes.)


4. Even her pups join the Halloween mischief. We're willing to bet that Francesca in this Spider-Dog Costume would win the crowning title of Halloween dog costume contest, paws down.


5. She served as the spooky-fashion muse for three lucky competitors in the "Shriek or Chic: Martha's Haute Halloween Challenge" to create a cover-worthy costume.

Martha's Halloween makeup from "Shriek or Chic"
Credit: Brian Bowen Smith

6. Over the years, she has shown us that there's more than one way to carve a pumpkin. (In fact, there's at least 60!)

mouse house cover pumpkin
Credit: Kate Mathis

7. Or how to mix a creepy-cool cocktail. ("Berry Scary Martini" anyone?)


8. And even skulls can be beautiful with a bit of glitter. Okay, a lot of glitter.

Credit: Francois Dischinger

9. She's full of delightful treats.

Credit: Aaron Dyer

10. But that isn't to say she doesn't love a good trick. Remember the time she gave Brendan Fraser a good scare while wrapping him as a mummy? Or the time she tricked Jimmy Fallon into reaching into a bowlful of live wriggling mealworms? Or when she made Bloody Punch with Bette Midler and it didn't, well, go quite as planned? (Although we're sure that last one was just an accident... right, Martha?)

Credit: Aaron Dyer

11. She has a keen eye for spooktacular party decor - and it's all to DIY, err ahem, DIE for.

Credit: Ellie Miller

12. No trick-or-treater has ever left her front door without unforgettable treats.


13. And when does she start planning for next year? Why November 1, of course.

Happy Halloween!


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