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Like a Good Scare? Snag one of These For-Sale Haunted Houses or Insane Asylums

Being scared: You either love it or hate it. The feeling like something terrifying is just around the corner feeds the love for Halloween and, it turns out, can be something you live every day!

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According to, a number of legit haunted houses are available for purchase, same with ghost towns, and insane asylums and they're priced to sell.


"American Horror Story," the big horror-based TV show that strikes fear in so many for it's crazy adventures and surroundings, was first based in a gorgeous 14,000-square-foot home that also happened to be super haunted. According to the site, the same home was featured in the X-Files, The Twilight Zone, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it recently sold or a cool $3.2 million, so you just missed the chance, but you can still rent the whole place for $1,450 a night through Airbnb.


But, if you want your own haunted house, the home that starred in the "Amityville Horror" movies is back on the market for $850,000. It was sold just a few years ago for $1.15 million so it's certainly priced to sell and you may not be able to find this price again.


If former mental asylums are more your thing, you can buy one in Michigan that's so big it has its own ZIP code and fire department. It's on sale for $1.5 million and with it you get 76 buildings spread over 902 acres. Of course, it also comes with stories of former patients haunting the lace and jars of human body parts.


If you're a fan of a good view, there's a gorgeous home for sale in Morella, which used to be a stomping ground for Australia's elite. Until it was abandoned 15 years ago and neighbors say they hear ghosts and other scary sounds and movement coming from the property. It's estimated at a value of $6 million and when you see the view of the Sydney Harbor, you'll understand why. But, make sure you're comfortable with potential spirits, too.


These properties aren't that expensive when you think about everything you're getting? Turns out, in today's market, you can find the perfect forever home no matter what you're looking for!


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