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How One Dad Transformed his Son Into a Little Jedi Riding a Tauntaun

It took over 100 glue sticks, some fur, and a goat mask.


This Halloween, one little Star Wars fan is stealing the spotlight all thanks to a Tauntaun and his dad's craftsmanship. The father took to Facebook to share his magical creation of the handmade costume he built for his little Jedi. The dad, Clint Case, says he got the inspiration from a scene in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Along with the photo, Case shared the caption, "In tough times like these, all the world needs is a boy and his tauntaun." (And we happen to agree.)



Case says he spent months planning the costume for his son, who can be seen romping around their living room in what we assume is his new favorite thing ever! In the video, Clint and his wife are having a ball laughing while their son attempts to run around the living room in his little furry legs. His little legs fit perfectly into the costume and are used to make the tauntaun walk (or run), thus creating the illusion he's actually riding the mythical character.


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But Case didn't just stop with the Tauntaun — he also created the outfit to complete the full costume. (You know, you can't just have a normal human riding around on what looks like a llama — you have to get the full picture.) The little boy is seen with his cap, vest, belt, and all ready to fight all things evil and protect the galaxy.



Just when you thought the story couldn't get anymore magical, Case shared a photo of the little man visiting Disneyland and staring eye-to-eye with a storm trooper. Crowds gathered around as the trooper was obviously impressed by the creativity of the young boy. The young Jedi is seen in the photo showing respect to his elder in his most poised position. He wasn't the only one dressed to the nines for his big debut at Disneyland, his entire family joined in on the fun too.



In a family photo, mom and dad as well as their two sons are dressed in their Star Wars best as they posed for the best family photo of all time.


Wanting to know the secret to crafting this for your little one as well? Case says he used over 100 glue sticks, two yards of fur, and one goat mask to top it all off. So if you're looking to make this your next DIY project, don't worry, there is still time before Halloween! We just can't get over the cuteness and something tells us this young one will be wearing this costume until it just doesn't fit anymore.


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