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Hanging Bough with Dried Flowers

This simple, natural arrangement works especially well in a small space or above a dinner table. If you don't want to nail another hook into your wall, take down a painting or mirror and hang this in its place.

thanksgiving bough

Photography: JOHNNY MILER

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Four sturdy branches, such as eucalyptus

  • Floral wire

  • Dried branches and stalks, such as millet ("Purple Majesty" millet, $8 a bunch; spray millet, $10 a bunch; rattail millet, $9 a bunch), Echinops flowers ($9 a bunch), blackberries, and centaurea pods ($3 a bunch),

  • Velvet ribbon

  • Floral shears

  • Hot-glue gun

  • Colored decorative twine


  1. Lay sturdy branches on a work surface, in the general shape you want your bough to take. (We started with a wide X.) Secure with wire.
    thanksgiving bough how-to
  2. Add next-heaviest pieces; secure with more wire. Tie velvet ribbon to center of structure and hang on the wall.
  3. Continue to tuck smaller stalks and twigs between base branches, trimming them and hot-gluing and wiring them on as needed. (Echinops flowers are great for filling in bare branches — attach them directly with hot glue.)
  4. Gather smallest plants in bunches and attach with twine. Continue until you're happy with your arrangement.

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