This simple, natural arrangement works especially well in a small space or above a dinner table. If you don't want to nail another hook into your wall, take down a painting or mirror and hang this in its place.

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thanksgiving bough

Dried flowers coupled with bare branches create an eye-catching arrangement. We're partial to eucalyptus branches and Echinops flowers. Use a complementary-colored ribbon to tie the whole dried floral display together.


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How to do it

Part 1

thanksgiving bough how-to
Step 1

Lay sturdy branches on a work surface, in the general shape you want your bough to take. (We started with a wide X.) Secure with wire.

Step 2

Add the next-heaviest pieces; secure with more wire. Tie the velvet ribbon to the center of the structure and hang on the wall.

Step 3

Continue to tuck smaller stalks and twigs between the base branches, trimming them and hot-gluing and wiring them on as needed. (Echinops flowers are great for filling in bare branches—attach them directly with hot glue.)

Step 4

Gather the smallest plants in bunches and attach them with twine. Continue until you're happy with your arrangement.


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