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Girl Scout Cereal Is Coming Soon!

If you needed something to look forward to, we have it: we're about to make your day so much sweeter -- soon it'll be okay to eat girl scout cookies for breakfast!

Instagram account Candy Hunting posted photos showing off two Girl Scout cereal flavors from General Mills, inspired by the two most popular Girl Scout cookies: Thin Mints and Samosas. Naturally, people were skeptical because this sounds just too good to be true, but Thrillist reached out to General Mills who confirmed Girl Scout cereal is a real collaboration.


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Look forward to Thin Mints Cereal, a limited-edition breakfast treat that's made of "sweetened whole grain corn" and looks like chocolatey heaven.

A photo posted by @candyhunting on Oct 17, 2016 at 6:00am PDT


The second limited-edition cereal is inspired by Samosas and is called Caramel Crunch. It looks like delicious mini-sugar doughnuts and has 110 calories per serving, which isn't bad considering the actual cookies are 70 calories each.





According to General Mills, both of these new Girl Scouts cereals will be available nationwide this January -- there's nothing better than starting a new year off on the right foot.


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As if that wasn't good enough news already, EliteDaily says there's going to be a new Girl Scouts cookie: S'mores-inspired cookies are set to release to the masses around the same time as the Girl Scout cereals. We're counting down the days to January 2017!