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Watch How to Do 3-D Ghost Nails in Under 2 Minutes

There's a trick to it.


With Halloween exactly a week away from today, you have probably already settled on a costume. (And if you still haven't, here are a few ideas to help you pick one.) And while choosing a creepy outfit is essential, we think that you shouldn't stop there. Your beauty look is important too. 


How about creating some spooktacular nail art that will blow everyone's mind away? (That's figuratively speaking, of course.)


13 Bewitching Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Don't worry — you don't have to have superior design skills to pull off that ghost face nail art, courtesy of Piggie Luv. All you need is white nail polish, black foil gel, a nail art brush, nail polish thinner (nail remover will do as well), and gel top coat. Start off by applying a coat or two of white nail polish. Then using the black foil gel carefully draw a skeleton hand, let it dry, and then repeat. Apply a thin coat of white nail polish that has been thinned out until you can no longer see the color of the foil gel. Finally, apply a gel top coat and voilà — you just created the coolest and spookiest nail art design ever.



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