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Take Your Cocktail to the Next Level with These Glorious Garnishes

A drink topper is more than just decoration -- each adds its own flavorful flourish.

Citrus Peels garnish
Photography by: Bryan Gardner


Twisting zest over a fruity drink imparts its oils onto the surface for a pleasant aroma and a slightly bitter edge. A Negroni wouldn't be the same without a strip of orange zest, and a lemon twist is essential to a proper Sazerac.

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cocktail garnishes
Photography by: Bryan Gardner



These briny garnishes lend a savory, lip-smacking bite to martinis. Try caperberries, cocktail onions, stuffed olives, or tomolives.

Photography by: Bryan Gardner
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cherry garnish
Photography by: Bryan Gardner



Perfect for a Manhattan, old fashioned, or daiquiri. Use bourbon-soaked cherries (shown), or sour ones in syrup -- anything but maraschinos doused in Red Dye #40. We like Jack Rudy bourbon cocktail cherries, available at


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