Transform into a mythical creature — glittery horn, mane, and all! We repurposed a simple set of pajamas using a few household supplies to transform a trick-or-treater into something of pure magic.
unicorn hoodie costume

This costume idea comes from our friends at A matching hoodie and set of pajama pants serves as the base for this outfit — simply make a matching tail and horn headband. When shopping for crafting supplies, check out your local dime store: they will have most items on the list of materials.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Unicorn hoodie costume
Step 1

To make the horn and ears: With white felt, create a tall cone, then wrap it in gold metallic cord and hot glue it to the cone. Cut a small circle of white felt and glue to the bottom of the cone to close the hole. Tape or glue the horn to a headband.

Unicorn hoodie costume headband
Step 2

Cut 2 large tear-drop shapes from the white felt and 2 smaller tear-drop shapes from the pink felt. Glue the pink felt on top of the white felt, then use a drop of hot glue and pinch the bottoms together creating an ear shape. Add the ears to the headband on either side.

unicorn hoodie costume mane
Step 3

To make the mane: Cut horizontal strips in four sheets of white felt, stopping a few inches from the top. Attach the felt to the hood—we attached the first sheet to the hood using safety pins and then glued a second sheet on top of it. Repeat for other side of hood. Adhere in a straight line down the center, from tip of the hood down to the hem.

Step 4

To make the tail: Cut vertical strips in several sheets of white felt, stopping a few inches from the top. Roll the sheets together and attach them to the seat of the hoodie with a safety pin.


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