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This Puppy is Going Viral for Starring in Her Own Pumpkin-Picking Photoshoot

And it turns out, she's been in over 40 commercials.

Coco Puffz the dog while pumpkin picking

"I'm ready for my closeup," was probably what this dog thought during a photoshoot at a pumpkin patch.


Fall is the perfect season for snapping Instagram photos — from pumpkin picking to shots of people wearing flannel while drinking a hot beverage. But so far, one of our personal favorites showcases a dog having her own pumpkin picking photoshoot — with a matching costume.


The dog was noticed by Victoria Aycock, who was visiting Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in Culver City, California.



Her tweet went viral and eventually reached the star of the show: Miss Coco Puffz. Coco Puffz is a model and service dog from Los Angeles. She enjoys all the normal things we can relate to such as shopping, traveling, and having a good time picking the perfect pumpkin. Coco is a Chiweenie that also "loves doing work in Hollywood, commercials and photo layouts" according to her Facebook bio.


We can all relate with Coco Puffz donning her pink sunglasses and making sure the photographer is getting her good side.


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But the pumpkin picking dog photoshoots don't end with Miss Coco Pufzz. The trend is happening all over with dog owners playing photographer with their pets! Here are more of our favorite picks.







Boy dis punkin sure is heavy haha

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