And you will be too when you check out the amazing nonprofit organizations bringing better food to every corner of the U.S. in this free, handy guide.

Take a look at the Good Food Org Guide. It's a free, comprehensive, and helpful guide from our friends at the James Beard Foundation and Food Tank featuring 1,000 nonprofit organizations across the country, some are national, some local and there are listings in every state. These orgs are working to improve the food system in the United States and focus on a variety of issues, everything from food waste to school meals to educating all of us on healthy eating and nutrition to protecting land for farmers, to food and restaurant workers rights. The guide also has tools to connect social entrepreneurs and plenty of inspiring info on the upsides of home cooking (we're all about that!).

You'll find urban farms, kitchens, and community centers, food banks, seed banks, and everything in between. Each organization was recommended by an advisory board of food experts so, rest assured these are all quality organizations! What are you waiting for? Use the guide's search tool to see what organizations are making a difference in your state, and of course download the free guide. There are so many great stories and inspiring organizations, you'll want to get involved.


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