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Moss Wall Art Isn't Just Pretty, It's Good for You Too

You might install a piece of stunning moss art purely for aesthetics, but there are health benefits to be had from the unique decor as well.

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Azinsanaat Espadana / Wikimedia Commons

Moss wall art may be a hot new home decor trend, but its history goes back many years. According to Inhabitat, monks in Japan have grown moss walls in temples for thousands of years, as the gentle green facade helps to quiet the mind and create "the sensation of expansiveness."


While you may be interested in these gorgeous living walls solely for aesthetic reasons, they add more than beauty to a home. The founders of Arizona-based Plant Solutions, which offers stunning one-of-a-kind Moss Wall Art, explain that by bringing greenery inside, many people feel more relaxed, peaceful and at one with nature -- feelings that most of us could use on particularly hectic days.


"We think of these as biomimicry art pieces, mimicking the outdoors we would rather be playing in, and connecting us to our human nature and innate love of living things," owner Joe Zazzera told the source.


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If you're looking for some zen new decor to bring a relaxed vibe into your home, moss art might just be the way to go!


Interested in growing one yourself?