Doesn't George Washington's old-fashioned and a few crayons sound like just the thing?!
washington coloring book

Politics seems to put even the mellowest of people on edge and that has never been more true than with the current presidential election, which has on multiple occasions left Americans wondering if the 2016 race to the White House is just some weird nightmare we're all experiencing.

To help ease the tension a little before November 8 rolls around, W Hotels Worldwide has created an adult coloring book featuring past presidents in the company of their favorite libations -- because everything is better with a little booze? Each of the 12 pages of "All the President's Cocktails" features a creative illustration of a former U.S. Commander in Chief drawn by Lindsay Mound, along with a recipe for each president's cocktail of choice and a story or two about their drinking habits. Color in a hipster-ized version of George Washington sipping on a Whiskey Old Fashioned, or pay homage to Rutherford B. Hayes, who used to spike White House punch with Rum Lemonade Punch behind the back of his wife TK, the prohibitionist First Lady. Whichever page you're coloring -- and whichever cocktail you're drinking -- "All the President's Cocktails" may help ease some of the anxiety on Election Day.

"All the President's Cocktails" is available exclusively to guests staying in the EWOW – W Hotels version of a Presidential Suite – in one of the 24 W Hotels across the country between October 28th and Election Day.

If you can't manage to get a hold of the coloring book, we recommend an old fashioned come Election Day:


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