Sleep-deprived parents can have a high-tech assistant when it comes to nighttime soothing thanks to the new smart crib from Swiss designer Yves Béhar and Dr. Harvey Karp.
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Nighttime wake up calls are an unavoidable part of being a new parent, but you don't have to be quite as sleep deprived come morning thanks to a new smart crib from Swiss designer Yves Béhar and Dr. Harvey Karp of Happiest Baby. The high-tech bed, called the SNOO crib, was specially designed to monitor your baby's movement and sounds and adjust itself to help your little one fall back asleep.

The SNOO has built-in sensors that monitor its occupant, and it uses a variety of motions and sounds to soothe your baby.

"When the baby fusses, [SNOO] responds in seconds with increasing motion and sound -- just like parents do -- to find the right level of sensation for calming that baby, at that time," Béhar explains. "SNOO is often able to calm even the worst crying jags and help babies fall asleep."

While the crib can certainly help reduce the number of times parents have to get up during the night, it doesn't claim to eliminate all nighttime crying. However, by giving parents just a few extra hours of sleep, the SNOO has become quite the phenomenon -- even if it does cost $1,160.

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