Poké Ball Costume

Know a little boy or girl who loves Pokémon Go? We repurposed a set of kids clothes using a few household supplies to transform a trick-or-treater into a Pokémon-inspired ensemble.

Poké Ball Costume

This costume idea comes from our friends at Primary.com. Using simple garments such as a pajama top or sundress ensures that the costume is measured to fit perfectly. The rest is simply add-ons! When shopping for crafting supplies, check out your local dime store: they will have most items on the list of materials.

What You'll Need



  1. To make the belt: Cut a length of black felt, measured to comfortably wrap around your child's waist. (Tip: Glue on additional strips for added length if necessary. We made ours extra long so we could tie it in the back.)

  2. Draw a Poké Ball circle on black and white felt (a larger circle on black felt, and a smaller circle on white felt); cut out shapes. Glue the white circle on top of the black one and glue both to the middle of your black felt strip.

  3. To assemble the costume, put the pajama top on over the dress and tie the belt around your child's waist. Tuck the top into the belt, and you're ready to go!

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