To make these decorative pumpkins, we cut out leaves using our templates and layers of bright tissue.
Martha Stewart Living; Cover_October/2015; Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

You can achieve one of two different looks — coated in colorful leaves, or paired with a pretty printable design. This seasonal clip-art was created for us exclusively by artist Angie Pickman, Print out one of the templates, snip them out, and glue them down, silhouette-style, to set a not-so-spooky mood — just right for any gathering this fall. When punching leaf shapes from tissue paper, add a sheet of plain paper to the top of the stack to keep the tissue from ripping.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Use a craft punch to make leaves; adhere with glue stick.

Step 2

Print clip-art template on uncoated paper. Cut around perimeter; the "cutouts" within the designs are white or colored, so use the one that will blend with the background you'll be putting it on.

Step 3

Print starburst templates for colored accents. Cut out shapes. Stack up to 12 pieces of tissue paper and secure with binder clips as shown, inset, top right. Trace template onto top layer. Cut through all layers, moving clips as necessary to hold in place.

Step 4

Brush découpage medium onto pumpkin or other item. Smooth clip art into place, slipping starbursts under clip art as you go where you want to add them to design. Brush paper and area around it with another coat of découpage medium. Let dry.


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